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Event: May 1 – Multnomah Food Summit

This day-long summit will invite food system stakeholders in Multnomah County to network and help shape an action agenda to create a sustainable, healthy, and equitable food system for our community.

The focus of our discussions will be around:

Local Food, Healthy Eating, Social Equity, and Economic Vitality.

To learn more, contact Keith Falkenberg in Commissioner Shiprack’s office at 503-988-4576.
Register here.

Registration will begin in late March.

The purpose of the Multnomah Food Summit is to:

* Examine the existing conditions of Multnomah County’s food system
* Celebrate the tremendous work already being done in our community
* Examine and build consensus on the framework for a long-term action plan
* Provide feedback and get involved in the next steps of the action plan development
* Hear from national leaders in the areas of food policy and social equity
* Network and build new connections across the food system

The summit is the kick-off event for the Multnomah Food Initiative. Currently lead by Multnomah County, the initiative is as an innovative partnership between community organizations, businesses, and local governments. Our goal is to develop a shared community vision, collaborative food system goals, and a 15-year action plan to:

1. Increase viable local options in our food system
2. Make the healthy choice an easier choice for all
3. Build systemic justice, health, and food security
4. Promote a thriving local economy

Photo of Portland Farmers Market by Taylor Schefstrom.

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