Podcast: Building Terraces with Weston Miller

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OSU Metro Extension has recently become a sponsor of Underground Airwaves and we can’t be more excited. If you have not yet listened to the tips on growing tomatoes in Portland from Pukhraj Deol featured in the last episode I suggest going back and checking it out. We’ll be featuring much more practical advice from OSU Extension in the months to come.

On this episode we hear from Weston Miller, assistant professor of Consumer Horticulture with Extension. Weston primarily works with the Master Gardeners Program and the Beginning Urban Farmer Apprenticeship, which he started nearly 5 years ago. He talks about the role that Extension plays in modern times and the resources that are available to the homestead-minded residents of Portland. He also talks about his new call-in radio show, Grow PDX, on xray.fm and his appearances on TV and in print. The story and interview were recorded at KBOO Community Radio in Portland, OR.

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Find more information about OSU Metro Extension at extension.oregonstate.edu/metro.

Chris Seigel is the host of Underground Airwaves. He also co-manages Wealth Underground, a small farm nestled in the hills of Northwest Portland, and manages the St. Johns Farmers Market.

Intro and outro music by Gull.

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