At Edible Portland, we believe that there’s pleasure in knowing.


The goal of this magazine and website is to be a resource that makes eating, growing, and enjoying our local abundance an everyday pleasure. Edible Portland serves the greater Portland metropolitan area including Hood River and the Willamette Valley.

Both magazine and website act as our contribution to the growing movement throughout this country that encourages people to eat more locally grown and locally produced foods. By eating locally, we help sustain small family farms and regional farmland and reduce the cost on the environment—and in dollars—of transporting foods over long distances.

We invite you to share our goals.


Edible Portland is published by Ecotrust.


Since 2001, the Ecotrust Food & Farms program has been investing in building direct market connections between farmers, ranchers, and fishermen and restaurant chefs, grocery retail buyers, institutions and distributors. The Food & Farms program works to create a vibrant regional food system where sustainability is the underlying value of the mainstream—the norm rather than the exception.