Pinot Noir Braised Duck, Savoy Cabbage and Roasted Shallots

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From: Executive Chef, Kenny Giambalvo, Bluehour

Serves 4

1 large peking duck (4 – 5 lbs.)
1 yellow onion
1 large carrot
2 ribs celery
1 fennel bulb
2 oz grapeseed oil
1 bottle pinot noir
2 cups port
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
sachet with black peppercorns, star anise, juniper, clove and cinnamon stick
2 cups veal stock (optional)
4 oz sweet butter
1 head savoy cabbage
1 lb shallots
kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper

Cut all of the vegetables into a small dice. Cut the duck into 1/8ths (or have your butcher do it for you). In a large heavy bottom sauce pot, heat the grapeseed oil to almost smoking. Season the duck well on all sides. Carefully add the duck to the already hot oil. Brown well on all sides then remove from the pan and set aside. Pour off the rendered fat. Add back a little fresh oil and heat until almost smoking. Add the vegetables and cook for about 5 minutes. Add the cocoa and blend well with the vegetables. Add the wine and the port. Place the duck back into the pot. Add the stock and sachet and bring to a simmer. Cook at a simmer until the duck is fork tender. Remove the duck and set aside.

Reduce the sauce, being careful to skim off all of the fat, and adjust the seasonings. Whisk in the butter and adjust seasonings again. Heat the duck back in the sauce. In a large sauté pan, braise the cabbage in a little oil until tender.

Meanwhile, on a sheet pan roast the shallots seasoned with salt, pepper and tossed in olive oil, in a moderate oven until tender. Covering the pan with aluminum foil helps to keep the shallots moist and controls the amount of color.

To serve the duck, place the cabbage in the middle of a platter. Arrange the duck around the outside of the cabbage, being generous with the sauce. Finish with the roasted shallots scattered over the duck and cabbage.

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