Podcast: From Lyrics to Legumes with Liz Carlisle

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When we talk about organic, sustainable, and local foods, the conversation is mostly about produce and meats. This conversation excludes almost all of the middle part of the country where grains and other commodity crops are grown. In her recent book “Lentil Underground: Renegade Farmers and the Future of Food in America”, Liz Carlisle examines this overlooked sector, chronicling the farmers who are attempting to diversify the conventional farm ecosystem.

Liz grew up in Montana and pursued a career in music before becoming a sustainable agriculture advocate. It was on one of her tours across the middle part of the country when she realized that conventional agriculture and the kind of farms and rural life she was singing about were drastically different. She tells a story about how the food she ate on the road led to the realization that change was needed in the food system. The story and interview were recorded here at KBOO Community Radio.

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Find more information about Liz Carlisle and “Lentil Underground” at lentilunderground.com.

Chris Seigel is the host of Underground Airwaves. He also co-manages Wealth Underground, a small farm nestled in the hills of Northwest Portland, and manages the St. Johns Farmers Market.

Intro and outro music by Gull.

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