Podcast: Going Bananas with Nicola Twilley

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Have you thought about the effect of refrigeration on the food system? Nicola Twilley has thought about it. A lot. She explores the inner workings of the food system in her writing for the New York Times as well as on her website, Edible Geography. This past year, she started a food history and science podcast called Gastropod, which she co-hosts with Cynthia Graber. The thread that ties all of her reporting together is a curiosity for the stories that arise when discovering how the food system works.

In this episode, Nicola tells a story about visiting a banana ripening facility in New York and the secret world this everyday fruit passes through on its way to our groceries. She also talks about her podcast, Gastropod, the impact of refrigeration on food culture, and how she finds the information that leads her to reporting so many interesting food stories. The story and interview were recorded simultaneous at Nicola’s podcasting studio in New York, NY and at KBOO Community Radio in Portland, OR.

We mention in the podcast that the first episode of Underground Airwaves was made as a result of an article Nicola wrote on Edible Geography. We highly recommend going back and listening to that episode, Listening to Wine w/Jo Burzynska.

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Read more from Nicola on her website: ediblegeography.com

Check out the first season of Gastropod at gastropod.com

Chris Seigel is the host of Underground Airwaves. He also co-manages Wealth Underground, a small farm nestled in the hills of Northwest Portland, and manages the St. Johns Farmers Market.

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