Podcast: Loving Cereal with Arran and Arjan Stephens

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In February, Lola and I attended the Organicology conference in Portland, OR. Amidst the wonderful meals, the hustle and bustle of the trade show, and the thoughtful conversations happening left and right, we found a quiet room where we were able to sit down with Arran and Arjan Stephens of Nature’s Path Organics. They were both somewhat exhausted after their speech but still gladly shared their story.

On this episode, Arran and Arjan talk about the origins of Nature’s Path as well as the early organic movement. They talk about what has inspired them to maintain their family-owned and -run business throughout the years despite the prospect of selling. Arran also tells us about a lonely Christmas and how it sparked in him the desire to give. The story and interview were recorded at the Hilton in downtown Portland.

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Find more information about Natures Path Organics at naturespath.com.

Chris Seigel is the host of Underground Airwaves. He also co-manages Wealth Underground, a small farm nestled in the hills of Northwest Portland, and manages the St. Johns Farmers Market.

Intro and outro music by Gull.

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