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Help, Raf!

Why don't we have root cellars in the Pacific Northwest? And what do I do with my recently harvested potatoes, onions, and apples?

Lentil dal at its best

A look inside the mind of our favorite recipe writer, Ellen Jackson, reveals a traditional Indian cooking technique that takes homemade dal to new heights.

Have You Heard?

On the podcast: Catherine McNeur, author of “Taming Manhattan,” tells a story about her move to Portland and the urban livestock she encounters, and places it in the context of the “pig riots” during Manhattan’s infancy as a city.



Good Food, Good Living

An ex-Microsoft executive hatches a new business model to help small-scale, sustainable farmers thrive.

The Story of the Super-Fantastical Pear Puff Machine

A farmer and inventor collaborate to transform damaged pears into the next hottest snack.

Avant Garden: Leaves and Fishes

An enterprising gardener multiplies her harvest with fish.

Ask Raf: The Salt Shakedown

Raf weighs in on the age-old questions of salt.

Pssst: Mind Snacks and Musings

Carolyn White tells all on finding wild foods, making miso, and growing chocolate.

Editor’s Note

Introducing our new food project, The Redd on Salmon Street, and paying homage to Ecotrust’s eight years of storytelling through Edible Portland magazine.


Learning from the history of Japanese American farm labor camps.


Shockingly Good Raab

How to cook spring’s first bouquet.

Annotated Recipe: Traditional Tadka

A look inside the mind of our favorite recipe writer reveals a traditional Indian cooking technique that takes homemade dal to new heights.

Truffled Hollandaise

Already decadent hollandaise becomes even more outrageous, and is all the better for it.

Lentil Recipes

Lentils are the ultimate comfort food. These three recipes will satisfy your soul.

Scrambled Eggs with Cherry Tomatoes and Harissa

This paste of chiles and spices originally from Tunisia is smoky and versatile. Here, it’s slathered on eggs.

Jerk Chicken

Peppers are the star in this classic islander preparation for mouth-burning chicken.

Nasturtium Capers

These faux capers make use of the surplus of pods that nasturtium flowers produce late in the season. They are fat, salty, and delicious.


Podcast: From Lyrics to Legumes with Liz Carlisle

Liz Carlisle, author of “Lentil Underground”, tells a story about how her experience as a touring musician led her to connect the dots between the farmers and the food we eat.

Podcast: Creating Compost with Ron Spendal

Ron Spendal, a master gardener and master composter through OSU Extension, gives advice about starting your first compost pile.

Podcast: A Grand Opening with Manuel Foucher

Manuel Foucher, the manager of the Portland Mercado, talks about growing up in Cozumel, Mexico and how helping out in his family restaurant as a child led to a career in the food industry.

Podcast: Loving Cereal with Arran and Arjan Stephens

Arran and Arjan Stephens of Nature’s Path Organics talk about how a lonely Christmas inspired them the spirit of giving.

Podcast: Building Terraces with Weston Miller

Weston Miller, assistant professor of Consumer Horticulture with OSU Extension, talks about the challenges and rewards of farming on a steep hill in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

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