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Annual Tomato War • Students Go Whole Hog in Bend • Oregon Juniper • Food Not Fences • Mint Condition • Ice Harvest • Remembering Billy Frank, Jr. • More!

Winners of the Local Hero Awards!

Every year, Edible Portland and Ecotrust honor outstanding members of our local food community. Find out who won!

Students Go Whole Hog

Students in a groundbreaking farm to school program in Bend raise, butcher, and cook the whole hog.

Food Not Fences

Two neighbors find food security in sharing.

Have You Heard?

On the podcast: Sam Andemariam, owner of Mariam Foods in Portland, talks about growing up in an Ethiopian restaurant with a father passionate about preparing good food.



Remembering Billy Frank, Jr.

The Northwest’s most passionate salmon advocate passed away on May 5, 2014. We pay tribute to Billy Frank, Jr. and his message.

Gifts of the Desert

A father takes his son to the Oregon Badlands Wilderness to gather juniper berries, cook in cast iron, and experience the desert.

Students Go Whole Hog

High schoolers in Bend are raising, butchering, and cooking whole hogs to feed a school-meal program that serves more than 16,000 students.

Ask Raf: The Ice Harvest

Before refrigeration, how did Portlanders gather and store ice?

Avant Garden: Food Not Fences

Two neighbors join yards and a bounty of food and friendship result.

The Only Good War is Tomato War

Hurling rotten, oozing tomatoes at each other unites and rallies and pioneering company.

Edible Seasonals: Mint Condition

Our favorite heat-loving herbs are best cooked in pairs.


Dutch Oven Juniper-Beet Braised Lamb Shanks

A camp-cooking project to tackle after you’ve gathered wild juniper berries.

Pork Carnitas with Salsa Fresca

For home cooks who lack a smoker, this recipe is as simple as it gets and achieves the succulence and crispy brown edges that define good carnitas.

Mint Family: Quick and Easy

Quick recipes and helpful tips for making the most of mint family herbs.

Gin Spiked Mint-Fennel Sorbet

This dessert is reminiscent of a cocktail and is the epitome of refreshing on a hot summer night. Basil can be substituted for the mint.

Charred Lemon-Mint Chimichurri

This sauce works well with grilled meats and fish, but it’s a good accompaniment to vegetables too. Drizzle it on thick slices of tomato, grilled zucchini, or to dress a grainy salad or cucumbers.

Mixed Berries in Mint-Honey Syrup

Head to the bushes or brambles in your yard, pick fresh berries each morning, and add them to this mixture. Serve with anything cold and creamy—ice cream, whipped cream, yogurt—or all on its own.

Asha’s Goat and Rice

Asha Gebibo is famous in her community for her traditional Ethiopian preparation of goat – a meat she believes is the key to a long, healthy life.


Podcast: Surreptitious Foraging with Stacey Givens

Stacey Givens, owner and creator of The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen, talks about road trips she took as a child involving foraging and trespassing.

Podcast: The Apple Tree and Misery with Brian Rohr

Professional storyteller Brian Rohr tells an old French tale about an elderly woman and her apple tree.

Podcast: Wine Futures with Chehalem Mountain Winemakers

A few winemakers from the Chehalem Mountains in Oregon talk about the future of winemaking in the region.

Podcast: Eating the Whole Farm with Dan Barber

Dan Barber, author of The Third Plate and chef at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, talks about “failed gras” and trying to recreate the conditions of the Spanish Dehesa in upstate New York.

Podcast: Bonus Stories from Local Hero Awards

In this bonus episode we have two stories collected at the Local Hero Awards story recording booth.

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